Wholesale and Retail Doll Supplies: Top Wholesale and Retail Doll Parts

February 24, 2011

wholesale and retail doll supplies

Finding wholesale and retail doll supplies is simple. Follow these tips from the pros to help you find wholesale and retail doll products for dolls.

Dolls are a little girl’s best friend, and they can help a child explore new things and can open up their imagination. Finding dolls is simple, and they can be found anywhere. Dolls can also be made, and this option allows you to create and make dolls that are unique for your little girl or your granddaughter.

There are also several people that make and sell dolls for a living. The one good thing about making your own dolls and then selling them is that you have the option to get wholesale and retail doll supplies at discounted prices. Here are some tips to finding these prices on all of your doll supplies.

Getting Wholesale and Retail Doll Supplies

If you are looking for places to find wholesale and retail doll parts, the Internet may just be your best bet. Having a doll business does not have to be expensive and getting these items at cost can save you money meaning you make more profit. There are several sites that will allow you to buy these supplies with no proof that you are a business owner, but then again, there are going to be sites that are going to require a specific EIN proving you have a legitimate business.

For some websites, the more you buy, the more you save. You can find things such as:

  • Doll eyes
  • Wigs
  • Toys for your dolls
  • Furniture
  • Doll parts
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Other doll products

Buying Wholesale and Retail Doll Products Saves Money

Buying clothes as well as other doll supplies in wholesale can save you a lot of money over time. This is because some places are only selling online and this eliminates having to pay rent on a business, therefore allowing them to offer you cheaper rates. Some places are known for having people buy in bulk and therefore they can afford to offer lower prices.

Buying wholesale and retail doll products is a great choice because not only is the price lower, but you also having a larger variety. While you can find variety in retail stores or local craft stores, you are going to be able to find hundreds more outfits online.

Where Can You Store Your Wholesale Products?

Due to the fact that these clothes are cheaper than retail prices, your collection is going to add up and collect rather fast. You are going to need to keep all of your doll clothes somewhere. You can purchase large bins or large trucks that are air tight. This keeps the air as well as bugs getting into them and creating a moldy or musty smell. Buying wholesale and retail doll supplies can save both time and money, and can help expand your doll wardrobes whether they are for your doll collection, or as a gift to your little girl.

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