Trailer Park Barbie: Top Trailer Trash Barbie Versions

February 24, 2011

Trailer park Barbie

Barbie has taken a whole new look with trailer park Barbie. Come here to learn about the newest buzz in the world of Barbie with white trash Barbie!

The original Mattel Barbie is well over 50 years old, and now, there is a trailer park Barbie. Many people are not sure whether to believe this or not, but once you do a simple search online, you are going to see a few different variations to the trailer park Barbie doll. Whether or not this should be for kids really is not open for discussion, as it is rather trashy looking. There are several variations of this doll, and some even talk.

Trailer Park Barbie: If the Mattel Barbie Had a Sister

Barbie is a rather sophisticated doll, but if she had a sister, trash talkin Turleen would probably be it. This doll stands about 12” in height, and is pregnant. She has 7 kids as it is, and she is designed with rollers in her hair, an outfit that is rather trashy, and has a cigarette in her mouth as well. This talking doll says a few phrases if you push her belly, and include things such as:

  • Pour me a double-I am drinking fer two
  • Lookout, it’s a twister
  • Bubba jr., get off your sister

Trailer park Barbie is a hard working Barbie mom, and she was also recently given the title of mom of the year from her trailer park community friends. Wearing a pair of white pants and a sports bra with a leather jacket over top, this Barbie certainly has grown up.

White Trash Barbie Doll

The white trash Barbie doll is an actual Barbie, just as all of the Mattel Barbie’s, and she is shown pregnant with a few add on’s. She comes equipped with 2 packs of cigarettes and a few kids. White trash Barbie also has a black eye and roots that are growing out. With a bottle of Jack, and 2 6 packs of Budweiser, this Barbie is ready for anything. Suitable for a child? Not necessarily. You can also find a more aged Barbie that features wrinkles and a face and body that have not aged well.

Where Can You Find the Trailer Park Barbie Doll?

This Barbie doll can be found online, as many stores are not going to be selling this doll. Because there are a few different variations to the trailer park Barbie doll, the price can vary greatly. Auction sites as well as online retailers will carry the different varieties of this doll.

Among these trailer trash Barbie doll variations, there are some other strange and yet weird Barbie inspired dolls on the market. Most of these rather weird and strange dolls are for adult entertainment only, and even go into celebrity inspired dolls such as singers and actors. Trailer park Barbie simply put is not for your child, however, if you have a sense of humor, these dolls may be what you want.

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