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January 14, 2011

raggedy ann and andy dolls

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls are timeless treasures. Find more about Raggedy Ann and Andy collectibles and where to buy Raggedy Ann Dolls here!

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are more than just rag dolls. They are an iconic part of American popular culture.

Overview of Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are really nothing more than simple rag dolls. But, because of their popularity, they are much, much more. So popular and entrenched in American culture are these dolls, that they were incorporated into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2002.

History of Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

The first Raggedy Ann doll was created in 1915 by Johnny Gruelle. The cute, handmade rag dolls were good sellers, but it was when the first book about Raggedy Ann, called Raggedy Ann Stories, was published in 1918 that the popularity of the doll really took off.

Just like the American Girl dolls, much of the charm of Raggedy Ann was that she had a story. Girls could learn about the life and personality of their doll, which helped to bring her to life.

About five years after Raggedy Ann was created, the world was introduced to her brother, Raggedy Andy.

There are many legends surrounding these dolls. The most enduring is that every Raggedy Ann doll has a candy heart. While cutting open a Raggedy Ann doll will not yield a candy treat, the doll in the story book does, indeed, have a candy heart that cannot be destroyed by the cares of life.

Value of Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls

Some are surprised to learn that, despite the popularity of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, that even the earliest examples do not tend to bring huge prices. A very early Raggedy Ann doll in good condition would bring about $1000.

Later Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls would bring between $60 and $80 depending on several factors such as:

  • Condition
  • Age
  • Whether the dolls are a set or sold individually

Some collectors want to have a doll from every year in their collection, so you may be able to demand a bit of a higher price if you find the right buyer.

Other Raggedy Ann and Andy Collectibles and Other Products

As is the case with most popular toys today, they tend to give birth to many other collectibles and products.

Well over two dozen books about Raggedy Ann and Andy have been published over the years as well as movies, video games, puzzles, board games and clothing.

Collectibles include figurines, artwork and jewelry. The value of such collectibles depends on the condition and rarity of the item, but some of these collectibles rival the dolls in what they are worth.

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls continue to be popular, even in this age of electronics and high tech toys. That is certainly a tribute to the long lasting charm of Gruelle’s creation.

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