Make a Doll House: Doll House Plans

January 14, 2011

make a doll house

Want to know how to make a doll house? Find doll house plans & instructions on how to build a doll house here! Make your little girl’s dreams a reality!

If you want a doll house for play or as a showpiece, you can buy one or you can make a doll house. Making a doll house allows you to customize the house to best suit your taste.

Basics of How to Make a Doll House

Some people think that you need to be a highly skilled carpenter in order to build a doll house. The truth is that there are doll house plans and doll house kits that make the process much easier than you might think.

Depending on how you choose to build your doll house, some carpentry will be required. But even if you have never even hammered a nail, there are options that will allow you to make a doll house.

Why Build a Doll House?

You may wonder why you should build a doll house when there are so many gorgeous houses that are already made.

  • Cost – You can make a doll house for much less than the cost of buying one that is already assembled. Making a doll house means that you may be able to afford a much more elaborate house than if you bought a preassembled house.
  • Customization – When you build a doll house, you have the opportunity to add custom touches. Depending on how you choose to build, you may be able to make rooms larger, add additions or alter the shapes or the rooms.
  • Make Memories – If this is a project that you are planning to complete with or for your child, the fact that you make the house, rather than buying it, will make it that much more special.

Doll House Plans

One way to make a doll house is by using doll house plans. When you use this option, you will need to have at least basic carpentry skills, but many plans are so simple that most people will be able to figure it out. There are some things you should keep in mind.

  • You will need to cut the wood according to the plan.
  • If you make a mistake in measuring or cutting, it can cause problems with the project

If you think that building a doll house from plans is too much for you, there is another option.

Build a Doll House with a Doll House Kit

A doll house kit comes with all of the pre-cut pieces of wood that you will need to make a doll house. Unlike with doll house plans, with a kit there is no cutting required. You will simply need to assemble the house according the instructions.

This is a great choice for someone with no carpentry skills. It is sort of like putting together a 3D puzzle.

Some kits are more complicated than others, so if you really have your doubts, you may want to start with a simple kit.

When you make a doll house, it is sure to be treasured for years to come.

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