Dolls Made to Look Like You: Best Dolls Invented to Look Like You

February 24, 2011

dolls made to look like you

If you are looking for dolls made to look like you, these top dolls are ideal. Find “just like me dolls” that are designed to look real!

Are you looking for dolls made to look like you? You have come to the right spot, and you are going to learn about dolls that are invented to look like your child or loved one. The crazy thing about these dolls is that they are so realistic looking that you may find that you are doing a double take just to see if your eyes are really seeing a baby doll or a real live baby.

Dolls Made to Look Like You

There are a few different types of baby doll toys made to look like you, and some are rather life like. Some are even designed to have a heart beat or to even mimic a breath. There are also some that you can tell are dolls but they are designed to have life like features including:

  • Crying
  • Giggling and laughing
  • Crawling
  • Walking
  • Soiling a diaper
  • “drinking” a bottle
  • And much more

These dolls are becoming more and more popular among young girls, and the more realistic ones are turning into collector items for adults. The type of doll made to look like you that you choose is all going to depend on how you are going to use it.

Porcelain Dolls Manufactured to Look Like You

These dolls are extremely fragile, and are obviously not intended to be used as toys. These are detailed and some even have blinking eyes rather than ones that are painted on. Keep in mind that this form of realistic doll can run you a few hundred if not in the thousands of dollars. These are mainly for the collector and not to be used for small children toy. These can be a great collection to start for young girls.

Other Dolls Made to Look Like You

Other than these delicate and rather real looking babies, you can find child toy dolls that can mimic actions of a small baby. The Baby Alive line of toys offers several different dolls. Form newborn babies to toddler babies these dolls are designed to grow with your child. Your little girl can play mommy while changing her dolls’ diaper, feeding her, putting her down for a nap, and anything else. She can have hours of entertainment, and if you are expecting, she can feel important by having her own baby.

Reborn Baby Dolls Made to Look Like You

These are perhaps the more life-like and real looking dolls on the market. You can have these dolls customized to look like a child you may have lost or to resemble your child if they are no longer home. These come in a variety of styles and some come with features including blinking, and having a heart beat.  No matter what dolls made to look like you that you choose, they are truly a unique toy to have.

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