Best Barbie Collections from Mattel: How Valuable are Your Barbies

July 7, 2011

best barbie collection

Do you have a Barbie collection from Mattel? Learn about the best Barbie collection, the top tiers that each doll falls under, and how valuable each doll is!

The Mattel Barbie brand has been a favorite of children and even adults over the past 50 years. Barbie has taken on many different styles, and for those collectors, there are several collector Barbie dolls. There is an average of about 100,000 people that collect Barbie, and the best Barbie collections are all over the world. People are working hard on getting the cream of the crop for their collection.

For those of you who are just starting with your collection, you will see that Mattel has introduced a system to help categorize Barbie dolls. This also allows collectors to locate them easier. The colors include:

  • Pink Label
  • Silver Label
  • Gold Label
  • Platinum Label

Each of the colors indicates certain features of that particular group of dolls. Each one offers characteristics as well.

The Best Barbie Collections: Characteristics of Pink Label

This is the first color in the tier system and these dolls are not limited. Some of the Barbie dolls that are found in this collection include “Festivals of the World”, “Pop Culture”, and “Dolls of the World”. The boxes these dolls come in have pink trim and the front of them is clear.

Characteristics of Silver Label Dolls

Silver label dolls are similar to pink label. However, this label offers silver trim around the boxes. In this category, there are 50,000 dolls and no more made per doll. You will find dolls such as the “Wedding” series, “I Dream of a Season” dolls, and also “Ballet Barbies”. You will also find certain types of the Kelly Doll as well as the Tommy Doll in this category.

Characteristics of Gold Label

This is another of the many best Barbie collections, and in this category, there is no more than 25,000 dolls per doll. Compared to other boxes and in other categories, the boxing is slightly different. These dolls are packaged in “cake boxes”, and they also have an extra layer that is see through for added protection. Located on the back of the lid there is some artwork, and the lid features gold trim. Dolls that you can find in this color tier include “Designer Fashion Model”, “Designer Bride”, and “Pin-Up Girls”.

Characteristics of the Platinum Label

The platinum level is the top category, and any doll that falls into this category comes in at less than 1,000 per doll. You will also find limited edition and one-of-a-kind dolls in this category. Some examples of these dolls include “The Nurse”, “White Chocolate Obsession ™ Barbie”, “Faeire Queen”, and a few others. These white chocolate Barbie offers a delicious white chocolate scent.

Some of the best Barbie collections around have a few of these Barbie dolls. For those of you who are collectors, you are going to come to appreciate the value of these dolls, and to maintain that high value, it’s best to leave the dolls in the original boxes and to leave them unopened.

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