Best Barbie Knitting Patterns | Best Bratz Knitting Patterns

July 16, 2011

barbie knitting patterns

Barbie knitting patterns are becoming more common for those who are into dolls. Discover where you can find free Barbie & Bratz knitting patterns!

Barbie knitting patters are ideal for those of you who are interested in collecting dolls or even if you want to provide your child with an ever growing wardrobe for her dolls. These free Barbie knitting patterns can be given as a gift or you can make the outfits and items yourself. These Barbie knitting patterns result in super cute outfits that any doll lover will enjoy, especially young girls. Barbie can never have too many clothes.

Different Types of Barbie Knitting Patterns and Other Characters

There are more and more pattern choices available each and every year. More and more children enjoy dolls and your daughter can have her own collection with truly unique clothing that cannot be found in any store. You can find more than just free Barbie knitting patterns.

  • Mattel knitting patterns
  • Bratz knitting patterns
  • Webkinz knitting patterns
  • Disney knitting patterns
  • Barbie crochet patterns

These patterns go beyond the once traditional Barbie patterns. You can find Disney knitting patterns for your child’s Disney princess collection of dolls as well. The great thing about these patterns is that you are going to use a small amount of fabric or yarn. The quality is going to be a little better as well as you can choose to buy more higher-end materials.

Bratz Knitting Patterns to Mix It Up

Bratz are also becoming another popular doll among little girls. Barbie and the Bratz dolls are still neck and neck as to what one is the better of the two. If your little girl is into the Bratz sensation, you can give her a whole new wardrobe for her collection, and also, for those who love collecting these dolls, you can add more style to them by changing and mixing up their wardrobes.

Where Can You Find These Patterns?

For some people, you don’t need patterns, but for those of you who are new to knitting, you can find several resources online, and most of them are free. There are several choices of patterns to choose from, and you are going to have a hard time even knowing where to begin as there are so many. Your choices and possibilities are endless. You can find youtube knitting pattern videos that can come in handy for knitters of all skill levels. These videos can take you step by step, or even give you the basis if that is all you are looking for.

Perhaps you may want to join others’ blogs or visit websites that offer these Barbie knitting patterns. No matter what way you go with it, you may find that the Internet is more valuable than you thought. Finding free Barbie knitting patterns is easier than you thought, and your daughter or for the doll lover in you, will enjoy the many clothes that can be made for your dolls.

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