Baby Dolls That Look Real: Life Like Baby Dolls

January 14, 2011

baby dolls that look real

If you would like to buy baby dolls that look real for your child, Baby Alive might be a good choice. We discuss many life like baby dolls right here!

Some baby dolls are not meant to be particularly realistic. Others, however, are baby dolls that look real and can easily cause you to do a double take.

Baby Dolls That Look Real

There are many types of dolls that, in one way or another, look real. Some are truly lifelike, while others have certain features that make playing with them seem a bit more realistic for little girls.

The type of realistic baby doll that you choose will depend on the intended use. If it is for play, you will choose one type of doll. If for display, there are other options.

Porcelain Dolls That Look Real

If you plan to display your baby dolls that look real, then one option is porcelain dolls. Some porcelain dolls are of such high quality that, at first glance, you may truly think you are looking at a real baby.

Some porcelain dolls cost hundreds of dollars, but it is possible to purchase a less expensive porcelain doll that still looks quite realistic.

Of course, most of these dolls are not intended for play. Still, many girls love them and a collection of porcelain baby dolls that look real make a nice feature of interest in a little girl’s room.

Some of these dolls are so realistic that if you see a photo of it, it is nearly impossible to tell if you are looking at a doll or a real baby!

Baby Alive and Similar Dolls

For play, consider dolls such as Baby Alive. This doll doesn’t exactly look like the real thing, but it does have features that allow playtime to seem quite realistic. Baby Alive eats and eliminates, just like a real baby. The little mommy can mix the doll’s food and formula, feed her and then change the dirty diaper.

The Real Loving Baby is another doll that, while it doesn’t look real, allows for interactive play. This doll speaks and can ask for her favorite items, which come with the doll, by name.

The Most Lifelike Baby Dolls That Look Real

Of all of the baby dolls that look real, one of the most amazingly realistic are called reborn dolls. These dolls not only look real, but they feel real as well. Some have extra features, such as mechanisms that make them seem as if they are breathing. Some have sound features and all are weighted so that when you pick it up it feels as if you lifting a real baby.

These dolls are the most lifelike, and that realism comes with a price. Reborn dolls cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Baby dolls that look real are fun for both play and collecting, and are available to suit just about any budget.

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jan chisholm November 22, 2011 at 8:59 am

I would like to order a real life like baby doll for my granddaughter. I would like to check on pricing and find out how to order.

katie December 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm

i love this doll where did u get her

lori broadus January 21, 2012 at 2:37 pm

how much would these cost and i also need more sites for baby dolls that look fell and act real like a real baby does. thanks.

olivia edwards May 10, 2012 at 12:47 am

hiya i want a doll what looks real but do you no where to get them

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